Monday, March 16, 2009

No more peas, please!

Saturday night 14-Mar, Alex had his 1st tasts of peas. I'd found frozen peas in a shop in Tianjin, so cooked and tried to puree them. The Chinese "Magic Bullet" type machine didn't do so well... after mixing with milk and hand mashing, we gave the peas a try...

From 1st bite... to saying I've had enough!

Alex' face was quite amusing, and he kept spitting out the chunks.
The next night we tried a jar of Gerber peas Grandma sent from the US. Still made funny faces with each bite but he kept eating, with very little coming back out. After peas were finished, I gave him some rice cereal. One taste of that, and he perked up, opened wide and banged his hands on the tray asking for more!


Joleen said...

I wouldn't eat them either Alex...YUCK!
Maybe you will like some fresh ones out of Grandma's garden this summer.

Nicoleigh said...

Hmmm. I think we would be buds. I still hate peas to this day. Thanks mom!!! And to think that you use to make me eat those things!